Lake Mills, WI 

Gift Certificates are available at either location.

Follow us on for special events

Veggie Dogs and Gluten free buns available upon request for an additional cost

Hats and t-shirts are available at the "Downtown on Lake" location


Gift Certificates!!!

The Hotdog Wins!

Who needs a Dog?

The Best Dressed Dogs in Town

At Doyle's Dogs we serve Nathan's Famous hot dogs in two sizes.

Regular(7:1) and

quarter pound(4:1)

Johnsonville Stadium Brats and

Vienna Beef Natural Casing Polish


a "At The Stand"

337 E. Lake St., Lake MIlls, WI

Fri/Sat/Sun  11am - 3pm

Downtown on Lake"

     109 W. Lake St., Lake Mills, WI

  Wed - Fri 11am - 5pm

  Sat  11am - 4pm

  Sun 11am - 3pm

  Inside seating!!



One block east of downtown on Lake Street in Lake Mills, WI